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Référence : Circuit 2

Marque : Circuit Lemur

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Day 1 : Antananarivo - Andasibe

Drive to the East and head for the rainforest of Andasibe. Along the way, you will drive through the central highland, a hilly region with red land villages and patchwork of rice fields. Then you will stop at Madagascar Exotic Park to get a glimpse of Madagascar unique wildlife. As you penetrate into a lush and luxuriant eastern forest, you will reach Andasibe National Park, the nearest park to the capital city.  Overnight in Andasibe : Vakona lodge / Mantadia Lodge / Andasibe hotel / Feon ny Ala.

Day 2 - 3 : Explore Andasibe National Park

One day walk through the primary rainforest of Andasibe called Mantadia NP. 06 different species of diurnal Lemur can be found in this park such as Indri-Indri Lemur (the largest lemur in Mada), Black & white ruffed Lemur, Diademed sifaka Lemur, Common brown Lemur, Grey bamboo Lemur, and Red bellied Lemur. This park is also among the best site for spotting birds where endemic birds can be found such as Blue coua, Red breasted coua, Pitta like ground roller, Scaly ground roller, Short legged ground roller, Velvet asity, Schlegels asity, crossley’s babbler, Nuthatch vanga, Red tailed vanga, Cuckoo hawk, Madagascar buzzard, etc…
Visit the island of lemurs of Vakona reserve, crossing a small river with canoe and you will be able to see more lemur species up close, like brown lemurs, bamboo lemurs. The other day, visit of Analamazaotra NP to explore the flora and fauna of the park and to find the biggest lemur in this area called Indri-Indri and listen to the special sounds he makes. The visit takes between 2 to 5 hours walk. In the evening you will have a night walk where you may meet the smallest lemur and other nocturnal species like Avahy, another nocturnal lemur, bird, and chameleon. Overnight in Andasibe : Vakona lodge / Mantadia Lodge / Andasibe hotel /  Feon’ny Ala

Day 3 : Andasibe Antananarivo

Back to the capital, the rest of the day explore the city and looking for at the souvenir market. Overnight in Antananarivo

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